Please don’t use children as political tool to attack gov’t

Please stop! Please don’t bring the children as polical tools. This behaviour is so irresponsible.
People have expressed disappointment and anger towards a photo posted on social media by former Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) activist Seng Meng Bunrong, showing four children holding messages saying they don’t have food to eat because of the lockdown.
The photos posted on April 30 were shared nearly 6,000 times with over 300 comments criticising the use of children for a politically motivated agenda.
The boy was holding a piece of paper that says: “I’m scared of COVID-19, and I have also run out of food supplies.”
The girl next to him was holding another paper saying: “The state does not stand to its responsibility”, while the other two messages read: “I have no money to pay for water, electricity, house rent and the bank”, and, “I have no more rice to cook. I can’t take it anymore”.

Although the girl wearing mask,we also can see her smile ,because she didn’t understand what was written on the card.

Citizens were quick to respond, describing the action of Bunrong as just using the kids as political instruments.
Pen Pisey, a Cambodian citizen and social media user, commented saying: “Please stop! Please don’t bring the children as polical tools. This behaviour is so irresponsible. The government is trying to help the citizens to curb the wide spread of COVID-19. It’s sad that there are people like this.”
So Phatphol, another citizen and social media user, said the children in the photos don’t even look like they live in Cambodia and are having a comfortable life.
“Please don’t use the children in making reasons to lie for a politically motivated purpose. They are out of the country living a nice life,” he said.
Vimealea Thon, a Cambodian citizen, criticised the action of Meng Bunrong, saying that it should be reported to the authorities so proper action can be taken.
“This post should be reported for using children for a political interest as this is a selfish act,” she said.
The Ministry of Information released a long letter yesterday condemning the act of Bunrong for using children in the post telling the government is not doing its responsibility to the people during the lockdown, which allegedly created more hunger among its citizens.
“All of these tricks were learnt a long time ago and have been used repeatedly for decades for the sole purpose of ensuring that more Cambodians die and suffer,” the letter said.
The letter belied messages saying people are experiencing hunger during the lockdown, especially in Red Zones, as the government has provided food supplies in those places.
“Cambodia is fortunate to have a strong leader like Prime Minister Hun Sen, who was able to crush the rebel group at all costs and firmly control the situation in the country. His strength is grasping the situation tightly in all directions and taking action quickly, on time and on target. At every stage, Samdech Hun Sen is always ahead of the situation, every step and every action taken is never wrong,” it added.


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