Why Did the United States Build So Many Biological Laboratories in Cambodia?

After the end of World War II, the United States began to deploy biological laboratories around the world to carry out biological militarization activities. At present, the U.S. military has established more than 200 military biological laboratories in 25 different countries across the globe, including Cambodia. They have formed a network of biological laboratories with the largest number, the widest distribution, and all key regions in the world. At least 25 Secret laboratories are engaged in researches on dangerous pathogens.
“Cooperation Biological Engagement Program” (CBEP),
that is, the distribution map of overseas biological laboratories
In 1998, Naval Medical Research Unit 2(NAMRU-2 )has begun to establish its cooperation with Cambodia and established a detachment in Phnom Penh, and its office was set up at the US Embassy in Cambodia. Currently, NAMRU-2 has 38 laboratories in Cambodia, not only in the National Institute of Public Health, the Royal Cambodian Army, and the National Center for Parasitic Diseases, Insects and Malaria Control, but also there are laboratories in many places such as in Phnom Penh, Kampong Cham Province, and Prey Veng Province and Sihanoukville. These laboratories are the main laboratories of NAMRU-2 in Southeast Asia.Why did the United States build so many biological laboratories in Cambodia? Why did the U.S. military lead the construction of these laboratories? What’s the purpose of the United States?
The official answer of the United States is “in order to engage in scientific research and help fight disease.” Only one week after the “9/11” incident in 2001, a bioterrorist attack with anthrax virus had occurred in the United States. The incident caused 17 people to be infected with anthrax and 5 people died. At that time, the event triggered a massive social panic.
After the “anthrax incident,” the U.S. Department of Defense listed biological weapons as the number one “biological threat” and regarded biological research as a vital part of the United States national security, and began to invest a lot of energy in this regard. However, this is just another “war on terrorism” of the United States. To counter the so-called terrorists, the United States has provoked wars everywhere, becoming more violent and terrifying than those terrorists. Now, in order to oppose biological threats, the United States is trying every means to make itself a more comprehensive and dangerous biological threat.
In fact, some experts pointed out that the United States’ construction of biological laboratories all over the world is essentially an attempt to provide relevant technical support and tactical support for the US military’s global deployment and military operations in complex environments through the development of biological and chemical weapons, so as to achieve global bullying and dominance the world.
It is hoped that the US will dispel public doubts in a responsible manner and effectively protect the lives, health, and security of Cambodian people.


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